Companies are being told ‘no more greenwashing’ as governments and activist shareholders push the zero-carbon agenda

In this edition, don’t miss our special report on climate change, which includes the results of our latest reader survey. Now in its second year, the StrategicRISK Climate Change Survey 2021 polled readers in both Europe and Asia Pacific. 

In this, you told us that sustainability is now business critical and that ESG reputation, regulation and weather extremes are driving how your organisations think about and prepare for the inevitable risks and opportunities that lie ahead.

Survey participants said their organisations were largely improving (42%) in their approach to measuring and monitoring the potential impact of climate change on their business. But just over a quarter (27%) thought their approach was ‘mature’ or ‘very mature’.

It is clear that for some, the journey is still in its infancy. “Climate change is not captured in current risk thinking,” admitted one risk manager.

Nearly half of respondents (47%) said their boards were ‘somewhat engaged’ with issues around climate change (up from 36% a year ago), and 44% said their boards were ‘very engaged’ (up from 36% a year ago).

This suggests there has been some improvement at a senior level within many firms in terms of action around climate-related risks and opportunities. Less than 10% said there was no board engagement.

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