Airmic and AXA Climate back training for risk specialists preparing their companies for climate risks

In collaboration with PARIMA and Airmic, The Climate School has announced a new training module designed to aid risk managers get up to speed with pressing climate danger.

It comprises online courses that will allow risk professionals to understand the fundamental scientific principles behind climate change, biodiversity collapse, natural resource depletion, and their impact on our lives.

Risk managers will also learn about climate-related regulations, and a method for building a roadmap to anticipate the risks and opportunities linked to climate issues.

Leveraging on AXA Climate’s existing course offerings, the courses in the Climate School have been tailored to suit the needs of Airmic members.

The course, Act-Risk Management, created in partnership with risk consulting firm Arengi, comes after months of floods, drought, wildfires, hurricanes and extreme weather events across the globe have promoted rising fears about climate change’s impact on business.

This year, for the first time, climate risk is at the top of the concerns of risk managers in all regions of the world, according to the AXA Future Risks Report 2022. With climate change, natural disasters will develop and increase and intensify. 

In this context, the role of risk manager is more essential than ever.

The training course helps risk management leaders manage the issues and not get overwhelmed by the scale of the problem. It offers practical advice for risk specialists on preparing their companies for climate risks and adopting best practices.

“Today, companies are undergoing profound transformations in order to anticipate and reduce the impacts of growing climate risks,” explains Antoine Poincaré, head of The Climate School at AXA Climate.

“Risk managers have an essential role to play in this transformation. With this training, we give them the means to contribute fully, by developing good practices and helping them to better identify the opportunities that can be seized.” 

The course is a key pillar of the “ACT” element of the AXA Climate curriculum, where practitioners access guidance on actions they can take in their day jobs to play a role in turning their businesses green.