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  • FC Airmic day 2 2015

    Airmic 2015: news from day 2


    Helen Pope’s last speech as chair, a round-up of workshop news and pictures from the event

  • Day 1 cover 1

    Airmic 2015: news from day 1


    A round-up of latest developments from the first day of the conference, including Airmic’s seven-point plan for measuring reputational risk and its campaign to raise the profile of risk management

  • Financial Institutions Infographic
    Risk Innovation

    Financial Institutions Survey: Infographic


    A visual representation of the results of StrategicRISK’s survey of financial institutions, carried out in association with Zurich

  • Cyber Crime
    Risk Innovation

    Tackling the growing risk of cyber crime


    Discussion points for financial institutions

  • Supply Chain White Paper - front cover
    Risk Innovation

    Building supply chain resilience


    In common with the issues faced by all sectors in managing a supply chain, construction faces specific problems that complicate the challenge of building resilience.

  • Zurich Construction Insights
    Risk Innovation

    Construction Insights


    Zurich’s issue of Insights focuses on the challenges and trends in the construction industry.

  • chaos
    Case Studies

    The case for risk leadership


    There is a feeling among risk practitioners that theoretical risk management has strayed from our intuition of the world in which we manage risk daily

  • Twenty years in risk
    Special Reports

    Twenty years in risk


    Our eight page supplement looking back over the past two decades in risk managment (English and French)

  • Data Security report

    Data security


    In this 16 page Executive Report StrategicRISK explores how protecting private data from prying eyes poses some serious risk management questions. And we suggest some solutions

  • Middle Market report
    Executive Report

    Risk management for mid-sized companies


    StrategicRISK’s detailed 16 page report on emerging risks for mid-sized corporates in the UK. Most middle market companies will have a good handle on their property and liability risks. This report is designed to help them go a step further than their peers, to outperform them and reap the rewards

  • Globalisation cover

    Globalisation risks


    A twenty page report explaining the threats facing companies in an increasingly globalised world as well as the most effective mitigation measures. Planning for the unexpected has become crucial for companies. Those that do this successfully will be the winners in the global village

  • Executive Report

    Global programmes


    Risk managers of multinational corporations considering introducing a global insurance programme need to tread carefully. This twenty page report outlines the key considerations around the world. Knowledge and expertise can make the difference between consistency that delivers the sought outcomes and a patchwork approach with associated problems.

  • Marketing

    Risk management career horizons


    Based on interviews with 20 risk management professionals at different points in their careers, the aim of this report is to provide risk managers with information about every stage of their career, what to expect and how to progress

  • Special Reports

    Presidents' Roundtable 2010


    StrategicRISK gathered the risk management presidents for a roundtable in LondonPresidents’ RoundtableOpen publication - Free publishing - More strategic

  • Features

    New world order


    Corporate multinational property insurance programmes can provide signifi cant cost and control benefi ts – but risk managers should be aware of the potential pitfalls

  • Features

    The first line of defence


    The effects of a blaze in a large building or facility go beyond just safety and structural damage, and can be ruinous – to the local infrastructure, economy and environment. But installing sprinkler protection could take businesses out of the line of fi re, says FM Global’s Brendan MacGrath

  • Features

    Continental shift


    The Environmental Liability Directive has been on the agenda for years, but now that it has reached all corners of Europe, multinational organisations no longer have any excuse for turning a blind eye to the consequences of their environmental actions

  • Features

    Time to clean up your cover


    While regulations bringing in the ‘polluter pays’ principle came into force in the EU some three years ago, experts fear many companies think only ‘heavy’ industries are at risk. Just relying on your public liability policy could end in fi nancial disaster

  • Interviews

    ‘Doing nothing is not an option’


    The UK government’s policy of ‘more for less’ is presenting some particular challenges for the public sector as pressure mounts to demonstrate value for money. But can the risk management function within these organisations do the same?

  • Online only

    Lessons in leadership


    Risk managers now have more chance than ever to move up to the board – and StrategicRISK has launched a campaign to help them to get there. As Nathan Skinner writes, it’s all about acquiring the right skills