• Mining minerals hands child labour

    Sector spotlight: how mining companies can manage growing ESG, regulation, and talent risks


    There are few industries more at the coalface of steep risk management demands than the mining sector. ESG pressures, regulatory demands, and leaching talent are creating a challenging mix of exposures for its risk managers, writes Trevor Treharne.

  • shanghai insurtech china innovation

    Spotlight on: the risks of doing business in china


    Inscrutable new anti-espionage rules and opaque government processes set against a rocky COVID recovery and geopolitical tensions make risk management in China more crucial than ever. But it requires a creative approach and solid local connections. Trevor Treharne reports.

  • Financial markets

    Spotlight on: risks facing the financial services sector


    Financial services firms face a significant cyber insurance coverage gap, as well as growing threats related to climate, geopolitics and technology. Here’s how to tackle the risks

  • nat cat

    Dealing with disaster: how to make sure your business is prepared for the worst


    When catastrophic weather devastates businesses, insurance alone can’t – or won’t – be enough. Know your exposures and devise mitigation plans now, before it’s too late.

  • Features

    The new world order


    Governments worldwide are planning drastic changes to the regulatory landscape, these include new duties for directors and better risk management. Neil Hodge investigates whether all the new regulation be a good or bad thing

  • Features

    A model career


    Times are bountiful for the LEGO Group, but it’s not all rosy, explains Hans Læssøe, the company’s head of strategic risk

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    ERM affects ratings for insurers


    Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services believes enterprise risk management (ERM) is an important discipline that will continue to be crucial to the financial health of insurers, says Yann Le Pallec

  • Features

    The view from Europe


    Nathan Skinner summarises what is happening in Europe’s risk management associations

  • Features

    Just what is meant by Enterprise Risk Management?


    Stephen Roberts, Eddie McLaughlin and James Maxwell describe the elements that make up best practice

  • Features

    Are risk models irrelevant?


    They couldn’t save investment banks from extinction so what value are financial risk models? Nathan Skinner summarises the views of participants in this month’s debate

  • Features

    Emerging issues


    Nathan Skinner chairs a discussion on the issues that will be important for 2009 and beyond

  • Features

    Defining the undefinable?


    A strategic risk is.....what? There are many ideas, but no consensus, says Garry Honey

  • Features

    CRO interview


    In this month’s StrategicRISK interview, Nathan Skinner probes the risk management strategies of steel giant ArcelorMittal

  • Features

    Definitions and perceptions


    Sponsored by StrategicThought - The ERM company

  • Features

    CRESTA Celebrates its 30th Anniversary


    30 years after its establishment, CRESTA has become a recognised name with a broadly accepted industry standard. By Christina Bayerl and Peter Hausmann

  • Features

    Look before making the technology leap


    Do not invest in technology until you know exactly what you require it to do, say Chuck Teixeira and Grant Waterfall.

  • Features

    On the horizon


    What do the next five years hold in terms of risk and trends? Sue Copeman looks at what risk managers have to say

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    Putting pop in the ERM bottle


    Lee Coppack reviews the enterprise risk management seminar held by StrategicRISK in conjunction with Protiviti.

  • Features

    Life after SOX


    Has all the aggravation, not to mention the considerable cost, incurred by many large European companies to comply with the US Sarbanes-Oxley Act been worth it? Fiona Sheridan gives her view.

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    Navigating the high wire


    With their concerns and responsibilities overlapping, there needs to be a careful balancing act between internal audit and risk management, say Tim Cromack, Waseem Aslam and Russell McKay.