RusRisk vice-president Anna Korbut joins the association’s board for the first time

FERMA announces plans for new pan-European risk management certification

The general assembly of FERMA has elected four directors to join the board for 2014-17 and one new substitute.

Anna Korbut, from the Russian risk management association RusRisk, has joined the board for the first time, while Helle Friberg, Carl Leeman, Cristina Martinez have been re-elected, with Polrisk president Slawomir Pijanowski serving as the board substitute.

On joining the board, Korbut said: “This is a great honour for me and for RusRisk. I believe it will enhance the activity of RusRisk in developing risk management in Russia.

“We are working on certification for risk managers and developing a programme for young risk managers and this will give us momentum for the future. There is growing interest in risk management in Russia in the public and private sectors.”

As well as serving RusRisk as vice-president, Korbut is executive risk manager for railway cargo operator NefteTransService and has a background in history and political social studies, economics and management. For her MBA, she wrote a thesis on key aspects of enterprise risk management strategy and practice for companies.

FERMA’s board of directors comprises Julia Graham (president), Michel Dennery (vice-president), Alessandro De Felice (vice-president), Johan Willaert (vice-president), Anders Esbjornsson, Helle Friberg, Anna Korbut, Carl Leeman, Jorge Luzzi, Cristina Martinez Garcia, Isabel Martinez Torre-Enciso and Edwin Meyer.