Airmic 2019 has just opened its doors and Kin Ly and Lauren Gow (pictured), along with Dan Ascher, Adam Jordan and John Walsh are ready to cover the event from start to finish. Do check on our website – we’ve dedicated it to the conference this week

This year’s Airmic conference programme, themed New world, new solutions is jam-packed with sessions on just about everything that risk managers need to know about during a time of profound change. The risk landscape is tougher than ever: globalisation, advancement in technology, geopolitical tensions – they all converge to create a risk landscape of interconnected threats, made more complicated by the emergence of new and challenging risks. It is against this backdrop that risk managers’ roles are changing, too.

No longer considered a ‘back-office compliance’ job, risk managers have deeper responsibilities. Their footing within a business is elevating in importance, their role is becoming more strategic, they are beginning to be heard or even have a seat on the board. These are opportunities that need to be embraced and successful boards must realise that “constant reinvention is vital for success”, so says John Ludlow, when StrategicRISK interviewed him moments before he gave his opening speech in Harrogate.

Change and complexity are two key words that filter through this year’s conference – that and how risk managers can apply their skills to 21st century risks.

We’ve taken these themes to heart – because they are so important for the future of risk management – and the StrategicRISK team will be in Harrogate over the next few days to bring you all the news, insight, analysis and thought leadership about the transformative role of risk management – and the risks to look out for.

That’s why this week our website has been taken over by Airmic content.

We’ll be bringing you all the latest insights in print, too. We’ve also upped the pagination of our conference newspaper – to fit in more timely content and the StrategicRISK team will be distributing our daily conference newspapers – by hand on the morning of Tuesday 4th and Wednesday 5th June. These will also be published on our website as soon as they hit the press.

We’ve been hard at work already to bring you a preview of the conference: interviews, thought leadership and analysis – all published during our week-long ‘Airmic website takeover!’

Please also be sure to meet the team behind our Airmic coverage – all of whom are at the event, ready to meet and discuss the future of risk management.