It relates to a previous incident that was discovered last year by a specialist law firm working with Hiscox

Lloyd’s has responded to the Dark Overlord hacking group’s threat, which saw the group make a “fresh attempt” to extort bitcoin.

The cyber-crime group has threatened to release sensitive litigation documents on the 9/11 terrorist attacks including some which relate to the insurers of the World Trade Center.

A spokesperson for Lloyd’s said it: “Has no evidence to suggest that the corporation’s networks and systems have been compromised by the hacker group.

“We remain vigilant with a number of protections in place to ensure the security and safety of data and information held by the Corporation. Lloyd’s will continue to monitor the situation closely, including working with managing agents targeted by the hacker group.”

In an online announcement posted on Pastebin during New Year’s Eve, the Dark Overlord hacking group threated to release the first few documents as “proof” of its trove on dark web hacker forum “Kickass” if those involved did not “pay up.”

It said any organisation that deals with “sensitive personal information is at a higher risk of being targeted.”

Hiscox previously responded stating that it will continue to work with law enforcement in the UK and US on the matter as well as informing policyholders and taking “action as required.”

It implicates insurers such as Hiscox and Lloyd’s of London, as well as government agencies, law firms and Silverstein Properties.

And it relates to an incident which was discovered during April 2018 by a specialist law firm in the US who provided advisory services to Hiscox.