The BCI seeks industry collaboration for its resilience manifesto, as part of its Business Continuity Awareness Week

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Getting industry groups to work together is the focus of an organisational resilience manifesto from the UK’s Business Continuity Institute (BCI).

The manifesto has been released as part of the BCI’s Business Continuity Awareness Week, sponsored by Strategic BCP and SAI Global, which starts today.

The BCI urged collaboration among organisations “regardless of their size, what it is that they do, and where in the world they operate” to improve resilience.

“Our view at the BCI is that no organisations can claim ownership of the resilience ground,” said David Thorp, executive director of the BCI.

“So, what we propose is to work with other professional bodies and membership organizations in the resilience spectrum to provide a range of benefits for the mutual benefit of all of our members,” said Thorp.

Organisational resilience was defined as “the ability of an organisation to absorb and adapt in a changing environment”.

The BCI’s 15-page document has four main points explaining how it aims to deliver its vision towards a resilient world.

Firstly, the industry group said it would back academic research and new thinking for practitioners.

It also said it would create global and local resilience alliances with other like-minded professional bodies.

The third point involved “next practice groups” to use the collective brain power of experienced practitioners in the UK, Europe, India, North America, and Australasia.

It also announced it would develop a free online resilience tool to drive awareness among organisations of different sizes and across industry sectors.

“Collaboration is the key to a resilient future for organisations, this manifesto is the first step to making that future happen,” Thorp added.