It is designed to help small businesses save money and protect their reputations in time of crises

A new DIY tool to help small businesses save money and protect their reputations in time of crises has been launched by reputation management consultant, Deon Binneman also known as the Reputation Go-to Guy.

It has been designed to give businesses, a blueprint to devising and implementing their own crisis management and crisis communication plans using a step-by-step and self-study approach.

It was developed after research found that many SME businesses wanted to plan and prepare for crisis situations, but could not afford the services of PR agencies, management consultants or even having a dedicated in-house person working on such issues.

Speaking about the toolkit, Binneman, said: “Preparing for potential crises isn’t just for the big companies. There are many danger situations out there for small businesses – they just need to know how to prepare for these likely events, how to package their approach and how to show they cared when the unlikely likely situation breaks. In today’s knowledge -filled economy a company need to show that they were prepared to deal with the likely hand of fate, that they had done their homework and that they were ready to act in a manner that showed they cared.”

Events and incidents like the COVID19 pandemic, shopping centre burglaries, missing planes, building collapses and having to recall products due to faulty manufacturing processes; stretches organisations’ ability to cope with the reality and communication challenges that emerge.

Such crises have the potential to destroy a business’s reputation, brand and share value. How a company reacts and communicates, improves perceptions and speeds recovery.