Over 400 million units of recalled products were reported by the US FDA between January and June

The number of different products recalled in 2022 is expected to be up 70% on 2021, according to a report by RQA Group.

Event numbers from the first half of 2022 suggest the total number of food recall events will be comparable to pre-pandemic numbers from 2019.

The estimated number of food units recalled by the US FDA from January to June 2022 is very high, at over 400 million.

In the UK, it is anticipated that over 50% of all recall alerts issued by Food Standards Agency could be classed as “Never Event” product recalls.

These are recalls identified by RQA as those that should never happen. For instance, where the wrong label has been used or the item has been put in the wrong packaging.

Meanwhile, in the automotive industry, it is anticipated that 2022 will have one of the highest numbers of US NHTSA safety issue recalls in recent years.

Equipment, electrical systems, services breaks, fuel systems and steering are the top five components involved in such recalls.