Our customers face several risks.

Manuel Meier, chief executive, Zurich Global Corporate Switzerland

Cyber risk is becoming an increasing issue in Switzerland, while supply chain problems dominate for customers with an international agenda in the form of concern over natural catastrophes, crop growth and contingency planning.

More broadly, we as insurers face a challenge in continuing to make insurance relevant to our largest customers. Some businesses turn over several billion Swiss francs, so offering them capacity measured in millions is not enough. We need to become smarter in terms of additional services such as sharing risk insight, claims servicing, risk engineering services and so on.

By adopting a different approach to the concept of risk and insurance, taking a holistic view and going beyond capacity, we can offer customers added value that has relevance. Zurich is well positioned to capitalise on these opportunities with our global footprint and our capabilities.

Switzerland’s unique political situation creates both opportunities and challenges for business. Its stable environment is attractive to companies and people who seek jobs from the whole of Europe. It is crucial that Switzerland continues to proactively drive the political agenda with its neighbours, important trading partners and the EU. Our strong economy should give us confidence to deal with our peers the right way.

Emerging markets also create opportunities for business and for ourselves, as few have the size or operational capacity in so many countries to be able to handle the challenges. Zurich has unrivalled global reach and, with more Swiss companies dealing with international challenges, this is an area where we have an opportunity to work closely with businesses. Swiss companies traditionally seek a partner to develop a stable relationship with, which can then be used as a platform from which to develop growth.

We have two advantages here. Zurich is renowned for thought leadership and we are often the first to move into many countries. This puts Zurich in a unique position to offer business knowledge and insights to our customers in addition to insurance cover.