Plastic moulding believed to have been the culprit

Swiss-based nutrition and food manufacturer Nestle has been forced to withdraw tens of thousands of chocolates from supermarket shelves just days before Easter after plastic was found in the confectionary.

The Kit Kat Chunky Collection Giant Eggs and Chunky Choc Fudge, Caramel and Peanut Butter Kit Kats were all recalled last week.

Nestle spokesperson Odette Forbes said the recall was a “precautionary measure”.

“It’s only items with certain best before dates, and if you buy one of the bars or an egg from a shop now, it will be from an unaffected batch,” Forbes said.

Media reports claim seven UK residents had complained of finding plastic pieces in their chocolate.

The plastic is believed to have broken off a mould in the Bulgarian factory where the chocolate is manufactured.

Nestle said no one had been taken ill as a result of the plastic pieces.