The pandemic showed the world what type of leaders risk professionals truly are, says Patrick Sterling

In his seasonal message, RIMS President Patrick Sterling has praised the actions of risk professionals around the world during the uncertainty of the past three years. Many organisations “are stronger today than we were then” thanks to the actions of the risk community, he says.

”Two years ago, our world was turned upside down. Our businesses faced volatile, ambiguous, and complex challenges that none of us had answers for.

”To say, ’business was disrupted’ would be an understatement. And, too many business leaders had to quickly forget everything they had learned and put strategies into action without fully understanding the consequences. The impacts were felt far beyond business.

“The avalanche of uncertainty impacted people and culture. It impacted our employees, our communities, and our families both physically and mentally. 

“However, through those challenges, we saw risk professionals step up and show the world what type of leaders we truly are and what type of leaders we can be.

“From the RIMS community, we heard story after story of how risk professionals were able to help their organisations shift gears, avert disaster and emerge stronger. It took courage to make bold decisions, and, because of that courage, risk professionals were able to keep people safe and businesses running. 

“Yes, there remain concerns about the pandemic’s impacts, as well as evolving social, political and economic risks, but I know we are stronger today than we were then. 

“We are more prepared and ready to adapt to change,” he continues. ”We are using data more effectively, spotting trends and learning from past experiences. Business leaders saw what risk professionals are capable of and the value we add.

”We have shown them that they can count on us when times look bleak and have proven the impact risk management can have on the organisation’s future. I’ve said it throughout the year, ’it’s up to us—risk professionals—to keep this momentum going.’