Truly agile operational risk management is the only way to make it today’s turbulent world. Quick, responsive, flexible, strong – do you have what it takes?

Achieving a dynamic approach to operational risk management is essential in today’s uncertain, interconnected, and increasingly volatile world.

Agility and adaptability remain key to managing such uncertainty and creating an organisation that is resilient to fast and unexpected change.

Scenario planning was recently cited by Airmic members as the most important risk management tool in helping them to plan and execute in periods of uncertainty, with horizon scanning and demand forecasting rounding off the top three.

Organisations are now beginning to have a newfound sense of the importance of agile risk management, with respondents to Airmic’s annual survey saying that their ability to plan for and enact change had improved since the start of the pandemic.

In this special report, in partnership with Riskonnect, we include the highlights from our Operational Risk webinar and consider some of the lessons from the pandemic.

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