By working together on an initiative to help disadvantaged young people Aon and Manchester United are providing a helping hand for those who need it most

Aon’s relationship with Manchester United extends far beyond the club’s commercial operations.

It is also deeply involved with the Manchester United Foundation, an initiative set up by the club to help disadvantaged young people.

Set up to mark 50 years of Manchester United’s involvement in European football, Aon is an important Foundation partner, according to its chief executive John Shiels.

“Aon are now our principal partner in the Foundation,” he says, “so they are helping us with resources to do more and more work and doing exactly what we did in the first place, taking what we have got here as a community and taking this into communities that are not as blessed as we are in terms of resources. 

“Aon are working with us closely in developing a strategy and also how we work with youngsters.

“Some are fans, some are not fans, some change into fans – but that is not the point. The Foundation is about going in and helping these youngsters that aspire to get the next step, our tagline now is Leadership into Employability.

“We are a youth charity and we want to make these youngsters contribute when in adulthood. The best way of doing that is to get them employed and all the things – all the pillars that we talk about in terms of the relationship – are all key; we are nurturing talent and it is talent at a different level.”

“Aon is a global company of people helping people,” said Greg Case, president and chief executive of Aon. “Whether it is helping clients prepare for and respond to disasters, or helping people get access to health care and prepare for retirement – our colleagues take great pride in giving back to their communities, and helping their clients to empower human and economic possibility.

“We know football transcends cultures and people, and brings communities together like no other. Aon and Manchester United believe giving back to our communities is a vital aspect of being a global leader. We have supported Manchester United for community events around the world, and have held numerous Skills and Drills events for children in over a dozen countries across several continents with the goal of offering not only developmental soccer training, but also lessons on the importance of teamwork and a healthy lifestyle. These shared values with Manchester United make our partnership a perfect match.”