Clive Clarke also says he is “incredibly humbled and honoured” to take the post


 New Airmic chairman Clive Clarke outlined his plans for his spell at the helm of the association during his conference address earlier today.

He cited three areas of particular interest:

* The formation of the Leadership Advisory Board “which will enable Airmic to draw on the skills and expertise of the best in the business”;

* The ERM Forum “which will reinforce the importance Airmic places on risk management and will be an event run by risk managers for risk managers”;

* The new website and customer relationship manager system “which will allow Airmic to target its members with details of bespoke events, technical papers and training which will help them in every step of their career”.

Clarke also promised that “Airmic will and needs to stay relevant and useful to its members”.

“Business and the world in which we live continues to move and change at an ever increasing pace,” he told delegates.

“Our members need to be getting the best technical papers and advice, the best networking opportunities and keep up to date on emerging risks. This must all be done against the backdrop of more stringent codes and legislation, cost and personnel reductions and shrinking budgets in risk and insurance teams as well as commercial pressure.

“Airmic is best in class for its technical work and will continue to produce this to the highest quality. Airmic will equip its members with everything they need for their careers whether you are just starting out or are an integral member of senior management and/or reporting to the board.

“Our members need to be leaders and key subject matter experts in the business and Airmic will also concentrate on some of the softer skills to help achieve this. Our SIGs and committees will remain a fertile ground for industry discussion and problem solving.”

Clarke also highlighted the impact of the speed of technological change within life and industry and said that this will be another area receiving attention from Airmic.

“What will be obvious to us all is how quickly the Fourth Industrial Revolution is coming or some may say is already here,” Clarke said.

“While other revolutions have taken about 100 years the Fourth Industrial Revolution is under 50 years. Airmic recognises the importance and relevance of this and we will be looking to do a significant piece of work over the next 12-18 months.”

Earlier Clarke said he was “incredibly humbled and honoured” to be chairman and also paid tribute to the outgoing chairman Patrick Smith

“Patrick has led the association with drive, vigour and an exceptionally clear focus on putting you, our members at the heart of everything we do and driving Airmic to be the best that it can be,” he said, before highlighting several of Smith’s achievements over the last 12 months.

He also thanked “in advance” his two deputies Paul Goulding of Heathrow Airport and Lynda Lucas of Fujitsu.

“The current diversity and quality of the board members makes for robust and challenging debate and discussion,” Clarke said.

“I’m looking forward immensely to working with you all and thank you in advance for the considerable time and effort you put in.”

Clarke invited Airmic members to “challenge us either directly or through any of the various committees”.

“If you have an issue raise it; a question ask it; and a good idea share it. We will be stronger working collaboratively and as a team,” he said.

“Like Patrick I want Airmic to be the best member association it can be. I want Airmic to be more personal and encourage our members to reach out with their needs, thoughts and comments on what we do. My own personal story is of someone who didn’t go on to higher education, started as a filing clerk and am now chair. I took some risks, had some great managers and had the drive and opportunity to succeed. There are others out there who crave that chance and we are an association who can give you the tools to do it.”