Heath Lambert Group has been appointed insurance adviser...

  • Heath Lambert Group has been appointed insurance adviser to the lenders for the first of the UK government's new Local Improvement Finance Trust schemes.
  • SecureRetrieve has launched a new travel service which provides integrated teams of ex-Special Forces and NHS specialist doctors to accompany clients visiting hazardous regions or countries.
  • THUS plc and the Henley Centre for Value Improvement have both signed software license agreements with Risk Governance Ltd to use its Risk Governance Enterprise Risk Management application.
  • A new risk management consultancy and training company, Risk Doctor & Partners, has been launched. www.risk-doctor.com
  • Marsh is offering a web-enabled risk assessment tool designed to help businesses comply with the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE's) new stress management standards.
  • Raytheon Systems Ltd is to provide its Joint Effects Tactical Targeting System project team, with Risk Decisions' Predict! software and consultancy services.
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