Remeber these golden rules to avoid some common human resource mistakes

Two red dice

  1. UK law requires you to buy employers’ liability insurance but good risk management can reduce your premium and also costs associated with employees’ sickness and absence
  2. Robust health and safety management cuts uninsured costs such as lost time, staff turnover and retraining
  3. Implement a framework for continuous health and safety improvement
  4. Health and safety management includes identifying and assessing workplace hazards, introducing safe procedures for employees and training them in the risks and necessary controls
  5. The savings derived from absence management can far outweigh what you invest
  6. Try to find a balance between providing support to help employees with health problems stay in and return to work and preventing employees from taking advantage of  occupational sick pay schemes.
  7. Effective absence management requires accurate measurement and monitoring to identify trends and to explore underlying causes
  8. Interventions for managing long-term absence include occupational health involvement and proactive measures to support staff health and wellbeing, return-to-work interviews and rehabilitation programmes