AIRMIC states its views on breaking news

Response to figures released on the Health and Safety Executive website appearing to indicate an increase in construction fatal accidents - December 2000
AIRMIC view: Executive Director, David Gamble, commented: "Such figures would be obviously disappointing to the sector. However, whenever there is a worsening of safety standards, it needs to be taken in the context from which it emanates and carefully assessed. Certainly, risk managers in the sector will be looking very closely at the root cause of any increases, before deciding on appropriate action. Until there is a detailed understanding of the figures it is difficult to make further comment.

Response to news that Disney characters would not be used to promote mobile phones, following fresh reports that extended use of mobile phones might be harmful to the young - November 2000
AIRMIC view: "Risk managers will be aware of the concerns which have been raised in the media, and individual organisations will be considering whether they need to make a risk management response at present. But there does not appear to be any consensus view on this matter within in the risk management sector at the moment. A potential risk appears to have been identified and risk managers will be watching very closely the information that is coming out from official and scientific channels," said David Gamble.

Response to the common position reached by the EC for the proposed Directive on the Reorganisation and Compulsory Winding Up of Insurance Institutions - February 2001
AIRMIC view: Executive Director, David Gamble, commented: "Risk managers will broadly support this proposal that insurance creditors are given preferential treatment. Where claims have been made there is a demonstrated need for aid and support. This matter is still at a fledgling stage and it will be interesting to see how the scheme operates in practice. There needs to be a common understanding and confidence that insolvency proceedings in all EU member states will satisfy the requirements of all involved.