The new six-week programme will be available to risk managers globally and will allow them to develop bespoke risk solutions with AXA XL experts

AXA XL Insurance launched Cube, a risk innovation incubator, at the FERMA Forum in Berlin.

Cube is a six-week programme designed toallow risk managers to work alongside AXA XL risk and innovation experts to develop innovative risk management solutions for their most complex risks.


The programme comprises a series of workshops in which AXA XL and its clients experiment and test new solutions, ultimately resulting in a prototype and a supporting business case.

Over the course of the programme, clients have access to a team of innovation, digital and analytics experts, risk specialists and, where relevant, to some of AXA XL’s technology partners.

Philippe Gouraud, global head of strategic distribution at AXA XL, explained: “Cube supports our goal to go beyond traditional insurance to become a comprehensive partner to our clients.

“The programme’s structured and well-tested approach allows us to offer our clients a robust environment to innovate.”

Hélène Stanway, Digital Leader at AXA XL, adds: “Evolving technologies and new ways of harnessing data are transforming the way companies work, and the way we are able to gain risk insights to support them.

”Over recent years, we have successfully completed and scaled a number of innovative proofs of concept. It is now time to leverage what we have learned, through a structured and repeatable approach, to work even more closely with our clients and help them solve some of their most challenging risk management issues.”

Cube is available to AXA XL clients globally.