A French risk manager salary survey found that ERM professionals earn twice as much as their insurance manager peers

A survey of the French risk management profession has found that enterprise risk management (ERM) professionals are closer to the top and earn significantly more than those risk managers responsible for insurance alone.

French risk managers who are responsible for ERM can expect to make over €120,000 a year compared with €60,000 to €80,000 a year for the average insurance manager, according to the survey.

ERM professionals are still a minority within the French risk management community, however. Just one in four of the survey respondents classed themselves in this category. Indicating the maturity of the risk management professional in France, 45% of the survey respondents described themselves as insurance managers. A third said they do both jobs.

The findings were revealed to StrategicRISK at the Amrae French risk management conference in Deauville. Baromètre 2011 was conducted with assistance from Deloitte. Airmic is putting the finishing touches to its own salary survey of UK risk managers and StrategicRISK will reveal the findings once they are released.

According to other Baromètre findings, 23% of risk managers in France are head-hunted while 35% are promoted internally.