Tim East, director of risk management at Disney, will be leading the workshop 'Captives across the Pond', at AIRMIC's annual conference in Bournemouth on 13-14 June.

He is one of a number of international speakers and workshop leaders taking part in the event. They include the incoming president of the Risk and Insurance Management Society, Mike Liebowitz, who is a panelist in the workshop called 'Scared Witless', which will look at the implications for risk managers of public health dangers, such as an avian flu pandemic.

The lively Dr Sayeed Khan, who made a great impression on the AIRMIC rehabilitation event in March, will tackle stress in one of the conference lectures. Dr Khan is medical adviser to the Engineering Employers' Federation.

Another thought-provoking contributor will be Judith Hanratty, who led BP's policy of insuring only where legally or contractually necessary.

She is one of the speakers on innovation and alternatives to insurance for directors and officers.

The full programme is on the AIRMIC website at www.airmic.com