Risk management isn’t about creating risk policies or appetite statements, it is about changing how business decisions are made, says Alex Sidorenko, CEO of Risk Academy. That’s why he has launched Risk Awareness Week, to challenge and change perceptions

Risk management is much more than just having a risk appetite statement, publishing a risk policy on the website and doing risk assessments once a quarter. Risk management is about changing how important business decisions are made, how goals are set and how performance against these goals is measured.

Good risk managers have a huge tool set to improve quality of decision-making. So how do we get this knowledge to the actual decision makers? How do we encourage decision-makers to use the risk management tools before, not after making the decisions.

That is why we collaborated with some of the best global risk management and decision science experts to help you. We called this initiative RISK AWARENESS WEEK.

What is Risk Awareness Week?

RISK AWARENESS WEEK #RAW2019 brings some of the leading risk management researchers and practitioners to your computer or mobile phone. It is designed to raise awareness about risk management application in planning, forecasting, budgeting, construction, investments and performance management and will significantly enhance your decision making.

It is a 100% online conference that enables participants to tune into just the workshops of interest. More than 50 presentations will be broadcast over the 5 days conference. Participants can attend both live sessions or watch the recordings.

And here is the secret sauce – RAW2019 is not just a risk management conference, it’s a series of initiatives designed for the decision makers

Every workshop is specifically designed for the decision makers and risk professionals alike. In fact, the workshops are less about risk management and much more about making decisions, planning, forecasting, budgeting, setting KPIs and measuring performance with risks in mind. Have you ever wanted someone like Sam Savage to explain to your Head of Finance why using distributions and simulations would make budgets more robust? Well, we have you covered. How about an ex-Chevron decision support analysts, Brian Putt, with over 25 years of experience explaining to your investment team why calculating NPV and IRR using deterministic approach is sub-optimal and how to do it better? We have that too. And 35+ other workshops for every business unit.

So don’t just join yourself. Invite your colleagues from finance, investment, procurement, performance management, strategy, legal and production. There are plenty of free tickets for everyone: https://2019.riskawarenessweek.com/

Wait, there is more. RAW2019 is not just a conference. Register for free today to start receiving our resources dedicated to promoting risk awareness. Here is what’s coming over the next two months:

  • · risk awareness posters
  • · risk awareness social posts
  • · risk awareness slides for your next in-house training or meeting
  • · risk awareness stickers
  • · risk awareness videos
  • · risk awareness tips and tricks
  • · and much more