AIRMIC executive director David Gamble and administrative assistant Chloe Green will take part in the formal launch of Prorim, the European risk management training program, in Brussels on 11 October

The Prorim launch will be part of the biennial seminar of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA).

The program is a joint project between AIRMIC and the Institute of Risk Management in the UK, and FERMA members and academic institutions in France, Germany and Italy, with funding from the EU Leonardo project. AIRMIC member Paul Taylor, director, group risk management and insurance for Tetra Laval in Switzerland, is the chairman of the project.

Following the launch, AIRMIC will be able to distribute Prorim commercially, and users will be able to customise it to suit their own internal training purposes or offer it to clients. It is a web-based package with six modules: human resources, strategy, sales and marketing, finance and business continuity.

Buyer's guide

An Insurance Buyer's Guide, AIRMIC'S first publication for small and medium sized businesses, has now been published. It is intended to help the business without a risk manager get the best value from its insurance.

The Insurance Buyer's Guide is available free from the AIRMIC web site.