The first module of the European risk management training programme, sponsored by a partnership of European risk management associations and academic bodies, will be available shortly

Developed by the UK's Institute of Risk Management (IRM), this first unit is a free taster for the course and will allow people to test their appetite for risk and their attitude toward risk management.

Taking into account comments from the other participants in the project, the IRM is developing its final version of the module for presentation at the next meeting of the transnational partners in Geneva on 25 May.

The second stage, a day of face-to-face training, is under development by AIRMIC and will be ready later this year or in early 2006.

Funded by the EU Leonardo da Vinci vocational training programme, the European risk management project was originally called Desiriman. Except for EU purposes, it has been renamed and will now be called Prorim.

The training will target managers and directors of small and medium sized businesses, new professionals in the insurance industry and managers of large organisations where there is no risk management training.

The project partners are the risk management associations of France (AMRAE), Germany (DVS), Italy (ANRA) and the United Kingdom (AIRMIC), together with the Business School of Bordeaux, the University of Verona and the IRM.