The US hurricanes are providing the insurance industry with the opportunity to deliver on the promises it has made

Don Hurzeler, who retired as Chartered Property Casualty Underwriter Society president last month, told StrategicRISK "This should be our shining moment when we step up and help to get people back to financial strength, help them repair what can be repaired, and help to put businesses and individuals back on their feet. And I believe that is what hundreds if not thousands of people from the industry are doing now - working in difficult conditions and giving the best they can.

Looking at how insurers can work with risk managers, Hurzeler said: "I have been in insurance for a long time. One thing I have learnt that works best is that people not only know one another but understand each other's organisations. In the past six years or more, risk managers have been more open to having companies and brokers fully understand the needs of their organisation so that they can help them to do a better job of risk management. You cannot manage risk when you do not fully understand it, and the closer the relationship is between broker, risk manager and insurance company, the better off all parties will be."

Such is Hurzeler's enthusiasm for promoting learning in the risk industry that he has written a book - Designated for success (profits to go to CPCUS).

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