StrategicRISK’s latest Brexit report looks at what challenges lie ahead for the UK, Europe and businesses now that the UK has decided to leave the European Union.

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In this report:

Risk managers face facts on Brexit

The UK’s departure from the European Union represents the biggest single challenge to both risk managers and the businesses they represent

Unravelling a legal Gordian Knot

Changes to legislation will take years post Brexit but businesses must be ready for the challenge

Understanding exposure crucial for dealing with Brexit

Risk managers urged to ‘prepare for a wide range of possible outcomes’

Low risk of EU falling apart but it must learn

Other countries unlikely to follow the UK out of Europe although the picture is blurred

EU member relations crucial to Brexit outcome

Next year’s elections in France and Germany will have a direct bearing on negotiation strategy

Business continuity crucial to Brexit strategy

The precise terms of the UK’s departures from the European Union have yet to be agreed but that should not stop risk professionals developing a Brexit BC strategy

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