StrategicRISK has got a brand, shiny new website for you to enjoy. Have a look around at all the interesting new sections and don’t forget to tell us what you think

StrategicRISK has got a brand, shiny new website for you to enjoy. For the last 6 months or so we’ve been gearing up to bring you (the best source of risk management news and information).

We’ve changed the URL (although you can still find us with the old one) to reflect the fact that we represent news, views and analysis for the whole of the European risk management community. We even have foreign language editions online now—like this German language Environmental Liability Guide.  

Our website redesign comes on the back of our redesign of the print magazine earlier this year. It’s all part of our effort to provide you with the most vital information in an easy-to-read, easy-to-digest format. We’ve also tried to make the website much easier to navigate too.

We know that you’re bombarded with information from all directions and that’s why we’re trying to filter the information that’s critical to help you do your job better—check out our cool info-graphics section, which reflects our desire to present information in interesting and engaging ways. Hopefully we’re getting it right—but please let us know if you don’t think so.

I’m really excited about some of the new sections on the website. Look out for the In-Practice tab, where you can find a catalogue of handy practical articles to help you be a better risk manager.

It includes tips on such things as communicating with the board better, organising a product recall effectively or putting together the best supply chain risk management plan (as well as much, much more).

Also look out for our online library of risk management Guides and Executive Reports. In the Specials section you can find every supplement we’ve ever published, including this year’s extremely popular Career Horizons report, which details a risk management career life span and what you need to do to progress.

Of course, our team of specialist journalists will continue to report on all of the crucial risk management news and developments, as well as analyse trends in the risk management space as we see them. We’ll also try and put the headlines into context for you—so when a major event happens you know what it means for you as a risk manager. Check back regularly to see what’s going on in the Latest section or see what we think This Week’s Top Risk is going to be.

Most of the content we post online will be in the public domain for 30 days—after that (or to access the archive stretching back over ten years) you’ll need to subscribe to access it.

There’s plenty more to keep you occupied on our website, including Blogs from our editorial team and friends in the risk management world, Profiles of leading risk management professionals, and detailed in-depth Analysis of the issues that really matter to you. I hope you enjoy it.