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Monday 19 June 2023

SR Q2 2023: Protecting your greatest asset

No risk is an island. And in this complex, interconnected risk landscape we are operating in, no risk department should be either. The health of our organisations and our people depends on building risk cultures that break silos and become truly cross-functional

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Airmic 2023: The future of risk management revealed

Risk management will be characterised by embracing ESG, risk culture and smart use of artificial intelligence, according to Airmic’s Future of the Profession 2023 report.

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Airmic 2023: Julia Graham - risk managers are centre stage in a world of permacrisis

Are we in a state of polycrisis or permacrisis? Either way, it’s an interesting time to head up a risk management association. But Airmic CEO Julia Graham only sees this as an opportunity to spotlight the profession, tackling new and evolving risks with a spirit of collaboration.

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Airmic 2023: three new tools to help risk managers

Airmic has launched a series of guides at its annual conference, designed to help risk managers do their jobs more effectively - here’s what’s new

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Tuesday 20 June 2023

Airmic 2023: De-risking the climate transition

New guide explores how organisations can pre-empt disorderly transition - here are the ten key lessons for risk managers

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Airmic 2023: Break down siloes - or else

Geopolitical chaos is causing significant cyber and supply chain exposures for organisations. To effectively manage the threats, risk managers must focus on breaking down siloes

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Airmic 2023: why risk management needs to evolve

New risks mean firms must change the way they think about risk management, embedding it at every level of the organisation

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Airmic 2023: risk managers must tackle the threat of disinformation

The flow of information, both internally and externally, presents tangible risks for businesses, here’s how to manage them

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Wednesday 21 June 2023

Airmic 2023: Cyber market still playing catch up to evolving risks

Risk managers must model cyber threats carefully and examine the results forensically, while insurers need to adapt solutions to meet the new threats

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Airmic 2023: Looking beyond the battlefield – what’s next for the Russia-Ukraine war

Businesses must be prepared for war in Europe, says Sir Richard Shirreff, former deputy supreme commander Europe at NATO

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Airmic 2023: how risk managers can improve trustworthiness

Risk managers are no strangers to the power of statistics, but using them incorrectly can damage trustworthiness. Here are ten guidelines for getting communications right

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