Despite the growth in corporate social responsibility reporting, it has never been easy to gauge the impact of multinationals' worldwide social and environmental activities However, a new website aims

The website covers the human rights conduct of 2,000 companies, bringing to international attention abuses ranging from discrimination to pesticide poisoning; child labour to drinking water contamination; sexual abuse to the displacement of indigenous peoples.

It also highlights positive steps certain companies are taking, such as promoting diversity, increasing access to HIV/AIDS drugs, reducing harmful emissions, and improving working conditions in their supply chain.

Recent issues covered include:

- Iraq: allegations that security firms were involved in torture at Abu Ghraib prison
- Tsunami relief by companies
- Beijing Olympics 2008: Calls for corporate sponsors to raise labour abuse concerns with the Chinese government.

Companies will be invited to reply to items that criticise them, to ensure balance and encourage them to publicly address concerns raised by civil society.

The Business & Human Rights Resource Centre is an independent, non-profit, international organisation, in partnership with Amnesty International and leading academic institutions. The site can be accessed at