The UK, Canada, and Germany are among other top targets with IT firms and NGOs the most exposed

Russian state-sponsored cyberattacks are used as a weapon to further intimidate Ukraine and other Western countries. 55% of cyberattacks originating in Russia targeted the United States, according to data analysed by Atlas VPN. The UK, Canada, and Germany are among other top targets. 

Russian state-sponsored threat actors targeted the United States in 55% of their cyberattacks. Organisations and government agencies in the United Kingdom were a target in 8% of cyberattacks. Furthermore, 3% of attacks originating in Russia were directed at Canada. 

Attacks on other Western countries and Baltic states made up 27% of all state-sponsored attacks. 

Cybersecurity writer at Atlas VPN Vilius Kardelis commented: While there is no concrete evidence that Russia-based cybercriminal groups cooperate with Kremlin, there is a clear narrative about who is the enemy. While Russia’s war in Ukraine is continuing, organisations and governments of Western countries have to stay sharp against possible attacks.” 

Most targeted industries 

State-sponsored hackers usually target specific industries to create as much chaos as possible.

The information technology industry was the target in 29% of Russian-sponsored attacks. Russian-sponsored state threat actors launched 18% of their attacks on nongovernmental organisations (NGOs).

In addition, 12% of cyberattacks originating in Russia targeted government agencies and services, 12% of cyberattacks were aimed at education organisations and 5% of cyberattacks were launched at financial services institutions.