Businesses who produce or manage contaminated soils will face new regulations from October 30, 2007

A factsheet to help contaminated land sector understand the changes to landfill regulations which come into play later this year has published by the Environment Agency.

Liz Parkes, head of waste at the Environment Agency, said: “Currently contaminated soils that are hazardous need to be treated before sent to landfill. However from 30th October 2007, new rules mean all contaminated soils, whether hazardous or non-hazardous, must be treatment before they are landfilled.”

"For businesses who produce or manage contaminated soils this means you will have to review how you manage your waste. If your waste does go to landfill, check to see if it is already being treated. If it isn't you will need to treat it or ensure that your waste management company does this for you."

Liz Parkes added: "There are many easy ways for these businesses to treat waste and deliver real environmental improvements. Much of the waste we send to landfill is already treated, however for some wastes more effort is needed. Treatment can simply be separating the waste on site, and recycling one or more of the separated components."

The changes are part of the Landfill Directive, which will require all waste to be treated before it is disposed of at a landfill site from October 30, 2007. At the same time, liquid waste will be banned from any landfill.