The theme this year is the global village and the future of risk management

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) said it will hold its 2009 Forum in Prague on October 4 to the 7.

The Forum takes as its theme: The Global Village, the future of risk management.

Marie-Gemma Dequae, president of the association, commented: ‘Risk management is about managing uncertainty that arises from lack of knowledge about what will happen, or will not happen, in the future. Today’s business climate makes risk management a number one priority for most organisations. It is a natural response to a riskier and interconnected world.’

FERMA expects to welcome around 1,000 participants to the Forum: risk managers from the FERMA member associations from 16 countries across Europe, and insurers, brokers and other service provides.

This year marks FERMA’s 35th year serving the industry and it will be the sixth FERMA Forum.

Conference details

During the Forum, risk managers and industry participants alike will face tough questions in two panel sessions.

The risk managers taking part are:
David Anderson, Head of Risk Solutions, BP, UK
Jana Bicanova¡, Chairwoman of ASPAR CR Corporate Insurance
Director, Telefonica O2 Czech Republic, Czech Republic
Peter den Dekker, Chairman of NARIM, Corporate Insurance Risk
Manager, Stork, Netherlands
Flemming Kvorning, Group Risk Manager, Coop Danmark, Denmark
Ilkka Ilmonen, Group Insurance Manager, Neste Oil Corporation,
Marc Mathijsen, Head of Corporate Insurable Risks Management
ING Groep, Belgium
Maurizio Micale, Corporate Risk Management & Insurance Director,
STMicroelectronics, Italy
Stefan Sigulla, Chairman of DVS, Insurance Manager, Siemens
Financial Services, Germany

For the insurance industry panel, participants will be:
Gregory Case, President & CEO, AON Corporation, USA
Dan Glaser, Chairman & CEO, Marsh Inc, USA
John Keogh, Chief Executive Officer, Ace Overseas General, USA
Victor Peignet, CEO, SCOR Global P&C, Board member of Groupe SCOR,
Axel Theis, CEO, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty
AG, Germany
Mario Vitale, CEO, Global Corporate, Zurich Financial Services,

Keynote speakers
The keynote addresses will reflect the current business climate. Daniel Thorniley, Senior Vice-President, The Economist Group, will speak on Global Business Economic Outlook: Managing the Crisis, and leadership methodologist Paul Bridle will present the Challenge of being a Leader and a Manager in a Shifting Climate.

Individual associations are preparing workshops for the Forum, covering topics such as managing supply chains, aligning insurance with corporate finance, project risk management, emerging insurance markets, sustainable development, corporate restructuring, broker and insurer selection, insurers' claims performance and future health and safety trends.

More than 40 service providers will take part in the exhibition which accompanies the Forum.