2023 will see continued geopolitical tensions, stronger regulation and an AI-shaped revolution - Infosecurity Europe

The global political unrest from this year will seep into 2023 with serious ramifications for the security industry, according to Infosecurity Europe’s community of cybersecurity leaders.

However, with stricter regulations and developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), CISOs may be in a stronger position to minimise threats next year.  

Commenting on how one of the most topical issues from 2022 will affect cybersecurity next year, Maxine Holt, senior research director, Omdia says: “The political landscape is fragile. New cyber weapons are being developed and used by governments.

”The likelihood of being accidentally impacted in the crossfire is increasing, particularly as most organisations now host most of their infrastructure with third parties, increasing the risk of a cyber-attack. 

”Nation-state cyber weapons have the ability to cause mass disruption to national infrastructure and critical third-party suppliers, but CISOs can only watch and take sensible precautions.” 

Removing the human element

Looking closer at the technology within the industry, conversation around AI and ML in countering cybersecurity has been rife, causing conflicting views among those in the industry, but Munawar Valiji, CISO, Trainline believes that “Enhancements in AI and ML will help address some of the human weakness in the cyber kill chain.” 

Steve Wright, partner, Privacy Culture, former Interim DPO Bank of England is more mindful: “Whilst AI is revolutionising the data [cybersecurity] and data analytical landscape, AI may make it harder to understand when, and how, individual privacy and security rights apply to this data. 

”It is more challenging to implement effective access and other control mechanisms for individuals to exercise those rights, so where the data is being utilised by AI – then appropriate safeguards and governance to address individuals’ rights is essential. 

”AI also triggers ethical and moral considerations. For example, AI/Machine learning systems must be used in a responsible and ethical way that deserves the trust of users and society.”