Announcement follows HSE’s Shattered Lives campaign

Hospitality managers must do their bit to prevent workplace dangers – or face crippling financial claims and a devastated public profile, said Alliance Corporate Risk Management, in light of the HSE’s launch of its hard hitting Shattered Lives campaign.

The risk broker insisted that employers should be checking their level of preparedness and implementing appropriate health and safety procedures as a matter of urgency.

It said too few are evaluating the risks posed in the world of food service, production – and in areas like adhoc construction work on site at restaurants and hotels.

Last year nearly 11,000 people suffered serious injury as a result of slip, trip or fall at work. The Shattered Lives campaign aims to reduce this accident toll – in turn boosting staff morale, improving quality of work life and reducing the likelihood of compensation claims and legal intervention.

John McLaren-Stewart, chief executive of Alliance said: ‘It is every employer’s duty to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.’

‘Every hotel should be implementing rigorous health and safety procedures to reduce the risk of accidents and expensive compensation claims. Otherwise, management could be in breach of health and safety regulations and the duty of care owed to its employees and customers.’

McLaren-Stewart commented: ‘Whilst it is impossible to completely combat the risk of an accident or workplace-related illness occurring amongst staff, the threat is foreseeable, therefore it is imperative to be prepared as negligence in this area could see hotel and restaurant owners brought to trial.

‘We are always delighted to see so many of our hospitality clients embracing this requirement and we applaud them for taking the matter seriously.

‘I would like to think that as a matter of course, all hospitality businesses consider their state of preparedness and act appropriately. A lack of preparedness is seen by the relevant authorities as a very poor management practice.’