Luxembourg macoeconomics

Luxembourg continues to be the class leader in the Benelux region. Good macro-economic fundamentals, such as a high current account surplus, low inflation, high savings and low sovereign debt are paired with political stability and sound governance. Some residual risks remain, however, above all a disorderly eurozone breakup scenario.

Luxembourg economic disparity

In terms of economic disparity, the Benelux countries are relatively homogeneous. Among risk exposures, the demographic challenge posed by an aging population that is in evidence across most parts of the developed world is paramount. All three of the Benelux countries are strongly affected by demographic shifts, making it increasingly difficult for governments and corporates to fund and fulfil their pension liabilities and social security obligations at current levels.

NOTE The risk bars indicate the world distribution of the particular risk, from the lowest scoring country to the highest. The lower the score, the lower the risk or exposure to the particular indicator (i.e. a lower score is always positive).

All data is sourced from Zurich Risk Room