Why risk professionals are the ideal people to make sense of the complexities surrounding climate change 

Since StrategicRISK launched its first annual Climate Change Report two years ago, we have lived through multiple, often interconnected shocks.

These include a global pandemic, supply chain and energy crisis, multiple examples of extreme weather and natural catastrophes, a changing geopolitical world order and an impending recession.

Together, they are fundamentally changing business attitudes to the risks we are facing and our commitments to protect people and planet. 

The current challenges have exacerbated de-globalisation, creating an environment where supply chain resilience, energy and food security prevail.

The effects of climate change had already highlighted the importance of a green transition, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine has added a new urgency to the shift to renewable sources of energy.

In our 2022 Climate Change report, we explore whether the volatile risk landscape could help or hinder climate action and include the results of our latest benchmarking survey.

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