Investors are increasingly looking to the African market to grow their business, but what are risks?

Africa is increasingly touted as the land of opportunity, with many considering it as the new hub of economic growth. But any company eyeing up the potential in Africa must be aware of the myriad risks that come with doing business in the continent, commented Amrae’s Country Commission president Francis Van Den Neste.

Van Den Neste, who hosted today’s workshop on growth in Africa, said: “We shouldn’t speak of one Africa, we should speak about several Africas because the situation is different across the continent.”

He said that the challenging legal environments and political issues were two of the most prominent risks stifling African development.

“It is not the first time we’re doing a workshop on Africa and, this time, we decided to divide the workshop into three parts. The first part will be the political review to give a global perspective of the continent including population, local government and environmental challenges for the future.

“The next part will about the African economy and the last part of the workshop will be devoted to risk management and insurance. How do we protect our investments in Africa among an abundance of risks.”