StrategicRISK’s latest survey shows 82% of risk managers use an RMIS. What are the systems’ standout strengths and weaknesses, and what does the future hold?

In StrategicRISK’s latest The Knowledge supplement, risk managers rate the effectiveness of RMIS in helping to identify physical and intangible risks and in embedding ERM. For the free survey results and comprehensive analysis by risk, insurance and political experts, click here.

Highlights of the 16-page report:

Modern-day systems reflect shift to ERM: As risk professionals take on a broader range of responsibilities, the technology behind risk management information systems is evolving to keep pace

Putting high-quality data to good use: RMIS have proved to be invaluable when it comes to building and maintaining global insurance programmes. A careful study of their most popular features indicates why

The jury’s out on risk identification: RMIS may be fine at flagging up natural catastrophes, but when presented with seven other risk Mcategories, less than a quarter of our survey’s respondents said their systems had been much help

Where the systems have a bad name: In the area of reputation management, only 18% of our survey’s respondents had a good word to say about RMIS, and more than half thought the technology poor or very poor

This is the second The Knowledge supplement produced by StrategicRISK Europe, in association with Zurich.

The first research supplement, on Europe’s biggest risks, can be found here