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  • OFC__StratRisk_250320
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Q1 2020: World on Lockdown


    In this edition of StrategicRISK, we look at how businesses are responding to the COVID-19 crisis as the situation rapidly escalates around the world.

  • SR_Q4_WEB-1
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q4 now live: the power is in our hands


    Nobody wants to become a byword for failure to keep up. But with 2018 showing great changes in business models, everyone is under pressure to stay relevant. Be brave. Join the innovation revolution.

  • SR_Europe_Q3_2018-1
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q3 now live: corporate culture lessons learned from Mount Kilimanjaro


    Companies and teams with clear values and a strong corporate culture are better placed to execute strategy and maintain focus. Culture underpins many of our risk decisions and actions. These were some of the corporate culture lessons learned during an expedition up Mount Kilimanjaro

  • SREU-Q2-2018_Cover
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q2 now live


    The second quarter issue looks at the rise in political risk, crisis management, cyber supply chain risks, countdown to Brexit, interviews with an ex-NASA risk manager, IKEA China’s risk manager and Malaysia Airlines’ chief risk officer, plus live reporting from the recent RIMS 2018 and Risk Forum APAC events

  • Sreu q1 2018 cover
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q1 now live


    In this issue, we look at how organisations can respond to social media crises, captive insurance, fire risk, parametric insurance, cyber and business interruption risks, and reporting from France’s recent AMRAE event

  • Sr europe q4 2017 cover
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q4 now live


    In this issue, we look at the countdown to GDPR’s deadline in Europe in May 2018, along with features on autonomous vehicles, supply chain risks exposed by 2017’s Atlantic storms, lessons from the Equifax cyber hack, the problems faced by budget airline Ryanair, and reporting from recent FERMA and GVNW ...

  • Europe q3
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q3 now live


    In this issue, we look at the growing threat of political violence, why simulating a terrorist incident is such a challenge, and the steps companies can take to mitigate IT system outage risk. We also speak to new Belrim president Sabine Desantoine and discuss the psychology behind ransomware attacks

  • Cover q2
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q2 now live


    In this issue, we focus on anti-corporatism and reputation risk. We also speak to outgoing Airmic chief executive John Hurrell about his time at the assocation, and examine the lessons learnt from the WannaCry ransomware attack

  • SR Europe Q1 2017
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q1 now live


    In our first issue of 2017, we focus on the risks and opportunities of technology, from blockchain and artificial intelligence to the Internet of Things. We also discuss whether ISO 31,000 is still relevant, and look at the main themes from the AMRAE conference and the key takeaways from the ...

  • Sreu q4 cover
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q4 now live


    In this edition of StrategicRISK, we reveal the results of our extensive EMEA Risk Report benchmark survey, assess the real risk of data breaches and the Trump presidency, and look ahead at how the risk landscape might change in 2017

  • 01 sreu q316 final 450
    Latest Issue

    StrategicRISK Europe Q3 now live


    In the Q3 edition of StrategicRISK we focus on business continuity and detail the latest thinking from risk professionals about dealing with some of the rapidly evolving and complex risks they now face. We also examine what Brexit might mean for risk managers and the businesses they represent from a ...

  • Sr europe winter15 web
    Latest Issue

    Europe edition - Winter 2015/16


    The latest edition of StrategicRISK looks at the growing interconnectedness of risks and what this means for risk management. Two special reports look into the evolving nature of cyber risks, and how risk managers and insurers are getting better at quantifying and evaluating earthquake risk

  • Ofc srautumn15 edited
    Latest Issue

    Europe edition - Autumn 2015


    The latest edition of StrategicRISK looks at the growth of the intangible economy and what risk managers can do to make the intangible tangible. In addition, European risk managers weigh up the latest takeovers by Willis and ACE

  • Europe edition - summer 2015
    Latest Issue

    Europe edition – Summer 2015


    Summer’s edition of StrategicRISK looks at how risk management is evolving and what the future lies for the discipline. A focus on the construction sector reveals some of the biggest trends for the industry and a special report examines terrorism and political violence risk in Europe and further afield

  • 100-issues
    Latest Issue

    Europe edition - Spring 2015


    Spring’s edition celebrates 15 years of StrategicRISK with special features looking back on the development of the publication and how risk management has evolved. The top risks facing businesses in the Middle East and Africa are revealed in our in-depth analysis on the region, and John Scott examines the challenges ...

  • December FC
    Latest Issue

    Europe edition − December 2014


    December’s edition of StrategicRISK examines the increasing complexity of supply chain risk management; the need for businesses to monitor the shifting political risk landscape in Europe; and why renewable energy is attracting corporate investment. K&L Gates offers advice on Ebola-related insurance claims; and Kering risk and insurance manager Anne-Marie Fournier ...

  • Nivember front cover
    Latest Issue

    Europe edition – November 2014


    November’s edition of StrategicRISK explores ‘Black Swan’ events and whether risk managers can prepare for improbable, unforeseeable, game-changing events. Cass Business School reviews the biggest corporate blunders of all time and advises how to avoid them; and Paolo Rubini of Telecom Italia talks about how his company plans to manage ...

  • StrategicRISK October
    Latest Issue

    Europe edition – October 2014


    This month’s edition of StrategicRISK examines the extremity of political violence with a feature looking at the rise of the Islamic State. We also spoke with FERMA president Julia Graham about her first year at the helm of the association, and examine the risks linked to BYOD

  • September Europe 2014
    Latest Issue

    Europe edition – September 2014


    In this month’s issue we spoke to the new chairman of the German risk and insurance managers’ association DVS before the start of its annual conference this month; eleven of the industry’s top female risk and insurance professionals in a special women in risk feature; and examine whether Malaysia Airlines ...

  • SR June
    Latest Issue

    Europe edition - June 2014


    This month’s edition looks at protecting non-physical assets against ongoing digital revolution, trends affecting captive growth worldwide, and the potential threat of Russia in the midst of the crisis in Ukraine