Airmic’s new chair, Clive Clarke, discusses his plans for the year ahead and helping members achieve their career ambitions

Clive clarke

What are your plans as new chair of Airmic?

The path to chair is one of steady progress, with at least one year as deputy and also as part of the executive committee, and a number of years on the actual board itself. This allows you to see and input into the strategy. The plans and strategy are agreed by the board and my job is to make sure that I help the secretariat and CEO execute those plans. Clearly I will give my opinion, use my experience and assist where and whenever I can. We have some great momentum and ambitious plans to grow and I want to be an integral part of that.

Are there any particular areas you hope to focus on during your chairmanship?

The strategy and direction have been agreed and my focus will be on what was agreed. There are three areas which are of particular interest to me:

  • The formation of the Leadership Advisory Board, which will enable Airmic to draw on the skills and expertise of the best in the business
  • The ERM Forum, which will reinforce the importance Airmic places on risk management and will be an event run by risk managers for risk managers
  • The new website and customer relationship manager system, which will allow Airmic to target its members with details of bespoke events, technical papers and training. This point links to my aspiration to make risk and insurance a career of choice for the talent of tomorrow.

What do you see as the main challenges facing Airmic members in the coming year?

Airmic needs to stay relevant and useful to its members. Our members need to be getting the best technical papers and advice, the best networking opportunities and keep up to date on emerging risks. This must all be done against the backdrop of more stringent codes and legislation, cost reductions and shrinking budgets, as well as commercial pressure.

How will Airmic help its members to overcome these challenges?

Airmic is best in class for its technical work and will continue to produce this to the highest quality. Airmic will equip members with everything they need for their careers, whether you are just starting out or as an integral member of senior management and/or reporting to the board. Our members need to be leaders and key subject matter experts, and Airmic will also concentrate on some of the softer skills. Our special interest groups and committees will remain a fertile ground for industry discussion and problem-solving.

In the past few years, Airmic has set up FastTrack and several special interest groups. How will you be building on their success?

FastTrack was a great success. It showed Airmic’s ability to spot a member need and design a product which met that. As we continue to execute our strategy, which includes membership growth, we will be looking at different colleagues who have a link to the risk and insurance function which touch our members’ daily life. This may be in operations, human resources or business continuity/resilience as examples. Airmic believes these colleagues can become members as part of our corporate package.

What else is in the pipeline for Airmic during your tenure as chair?

It’s more of the same and evolution not revolution! I know that’s what our members will want and what Airmic delivers so well. Like Patrick, who has led the organisation with fantastic foresight and enthusiasm, I want Airmic to be the best member association it can be. We have the strategy, a super-talented and diverse board and a strong and gifted secretariat under John’s wise leadership. I want Airmic to be more personal and encourage our members to reach out with their needs, thoughts and comments. My own story is of someone who didn’t go on to higher education, who started as a filing clerk and is now a chair. I took some risks, had some great managers and had the drive and opportunity to succeed. Others crave that chance and we can give you the tools to do it. The time for risk and insurance is now, so make it happen!