European body to work alongside national associations to offer pan-European certificate of professional competence for risk managers

FERMA announces plans for new pan-European risk management certification

The Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA) yesterday announced its intention to roll out its own professional certification by 2013. The award is intended to provide independent confirmation that the holders have a high level of knowledge and experience in risk management, and so put the profession on on a equal footing with law and accounting.

A working group led by FERMA board members Michel Dennery, Julia Graham and Igor Mikhaylov is currently working on a plan of action which will be presented to the 2012 FERMA Seminar in Versailles on 22-23 October.

The plan is to create two types of certificate. There will be a professional certification which will be aimed at risk managers already working at senior level. It will be experience-based and include evidence of the risk manager’s previous professional development and education. Secondly, a specialist certification will be provided for junior risk managers, and this will involve formal education and examination by accredited organisations.

Speaking about the announcement, FERMA President Jorge Luzzi said: “FERMA has had many requests for a programme like this. We have received great support from our member associations, and we are confident that this will be one of the most important projects that FERMA has ever been involved in.

Our idea is that FERMA will lead the project, but we will strongly maintain communication, support and commitment with our members, the national associations.”

Speaking about the initiative, FERMA Vice President and Chief Risk Officer at DLA Piper UK LLP, Julia Graham said: “To date no certification for risk managers has crossed geographic boundaries or been at a pan-European level, so this is not only an important but a ground-breaking project.”     

Igor Mikhaylov said that discussions surrounding a pan-European risk management certification had been underway for over a year due to high demands for formal recognition of the risk management profession, adding that FERMA “are very well positioned as an independent, recognised central authority for certification of professional knowledge and skills.”