Ferma president confident of support for planned system

Jorge Luzzi

Ferma president Jorge Luzzi (pictured) remains convinced that the federation’s ambitious plans for pan-European certification “will go ahead and will be fantastic”.

In an exclusive interview with StrategicRISK, Luzzi explained how the project has been developing after it was announced at Ferma’s symposium in Versailles last autumn.

“I am very enthusiastic about the certification project,” he said. “However, we need to cross-check everything with our national members to see if there is real interest and support.

“I believe there is, but Ferma has hired an independent consultant from outside to undertake a feasibility study. A number of national associations already do something in this area and, although it is not exactly the same as certification, we don’t want to be competing with our members.”

Luzzi is overseeing the certification drive which is being led internally by a team comprising board members Michel Denerry, Julia Graham and Isabel Martinez. Once the independent consultant has finished getting feedback from members, the working team will report to the Ferma board in June.

With the process still ongoing, Luzzi would not be drawn on the feedback received so far from the various associations and their members but he remains confident.

“A lot of people have expressed an interest in pan-European certification; I believe it will go ahead and it will be fantastic,” he said.

See April’s StrategicRISK for the full interview with Jorge Luzzi.