We all learned a lot in the past year. Now it’s time to take that into the latest redesign of work life.

Due to lockdown restrictions and widespread home working, many new starters began their roles without ever stepping foot into a physical office. 

For some, working from home has been a godsend. But for others it has been more difficult.

New staff may have missed out on crucial team building and the opportunity to learn some of the more subtle elements that make up an organisation’s culture.

There is a danger, as Argo Group’s CRO, Adam Seager, explains on page 38 of our latest edition, that corporate cohesion could be lost as we embrace new, more virtual ways of working.

A more dispersed workforce may prove an additional obstacle to the challenge of breaking down silos. But equally, a more resilient workforce could emerge from the crisis.

The key to the hybrid office will be the successful integration of the in-office and at-home workers in one physical/digital meeting place. 

And from a skills perspective, the ability to collaborate, inclusive and empathetic management, and openness to change are essential for a more resilient workforce.

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