Airmic chairman runs through her agenda for the Airmic Conference

7am: I shall get up on Wednesday with mixed emotions. It will be my last day as chair, and sadness will be mixed with the knowledge that I will soon have a lot more time for other things. I shall grab a coffee and spend a bit of time in my room going through my farewell remarks.

Being at the head of this association has genuinely been a privilege (yes, I know people always say this kind of thing, but it happens to be true). It has been a great experience and in many ways one year is just not enough. Whatever progress we have made in the past 12 months – quite a lot, I would like to think – there is still so much to do

On the other hand, I know that Airmic is in safe hands, and there will be quite a sense of satisfaction in handing the baton to Paul [Taylor] to continue driving our strategy and objectives. Chairing an association is immensely rewarding in all kinds of ways, but the time commitment can be crazy at times.

8.30am: I’ll be heading of to the conference hall to discuss the day’s proceedings with John Hurrell [chief executive] and Susi Ozkurt [Airmic’s events organiser].

9.30am to lunch: Much of the morning will be spent as delegate, going to the various different events. I am especially looking forward to the Airmic insurance forum, which starts ? rst thing (9.30am). It is always a great opportunity to hear from some of the leaders in the insurance market.

1.15pm: In the afternoon, I will be back on stage chairing much of the ? nal session and imparting a few ‘words of wisdom’ before bowing out gracefully, I hope.

One of my memories of this time last year was just how heavy the chain of office felt. It was obviously made in the days when only men got the job, and I vowed immediately to wear it as little as possible.

2.30pm: As the outgoing chair, I shall be one of the last to leave. There is always a bit of an empty feeling at the end of a conference as the building goes quiet.

A er thanking the Airmic secretariat, who do such a splendid job, it will be back to the real world.

At least I only have a short journey home – a little way up the M3. Airmic has been a large part of my life these past 12 months, and it will continue to be. But it will certainly feel different