The role of risk professionals has never been more important, says Airmic CEO

“Ukraine has cast a shadow on the world and we will continue to maintain focus,” said Airmic CEO Julia Graham as she opened the Airmic Conference 2022 in Liverpool. “As we head to choppier seas, the role of Airmic has never been more important.”

While the current turmoil is a risk on many fronts – including the impact on supply chains, the energy crisis and sanctions against Russia – it is important to continue to look ahead and prepare for what comes next.

“There is a clear analogy here in the way we look at risk,” said Graham. “We have a tendency to focus on the short term rather than concurrently keeping our eyes on the horizon and longer term.”

With 1,400 delegates and over 400 Airmic members, the in-person conference is a sign that things are returning to normal and the appetite to meet in person has never been stronger as we head towards a perfect storm.

“The turbulence is not going to cease. This perfect storm will continue to quicken and gather pace,” warned Graham.

“Risk professionals are fired up with their ambition to step up and lean-in to support their companies as risk experts and advisors,” she continued. “We are no longer sitting at the back of the stage.”