Full coverage of the Rencontres 2010 in Deauville is available here

Between January 27 and 29 StrategicRISK will be bringing its readers full coverage from the AMRAE Rencontres 2010.

Organised by the French risk management association, the Paris-based Association pour le Management des Risques et des Assurances de l'Entreprise (AMRAE), this year's conference is being held in the French beach resort of Deauville.

AMRAE is one of the biggest risk associations in Europe. At its conference last year AMRAE welcomed around 1,500 delegates to its 17th annual conference in Strasbourg.

On becoming president of AMRAE last year, Gérard Lancner told StrategicRISK: “What I want above all is that the work of AMRAE achieves the recognition of everything that risk management can bring to an enterprise.”

Twelve months ago, AMRAE members met to discuss the future for the Gareat (the French terrorism co-reinsurance pool) and the coverage of terrorism risk, international insurance programmes, Solvency 2, class actions and many other topics.

Also on the agenda were more practical subjects, such as the economic development of China, governance and reputation management.

Recent moves include the creation of a risk management training arm, the AMRAE Formation. AMRAE’s president and corporate risk officer at Yves Rocher, Gérard Lancner, also announced the creation of a thinktank, the Observatoire des Risques.

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