Peter den Dekker takes over presidency from Marie-Gemma Dequae

FERMA made the following announcement:

Peter den Dekker, corporate insurance risk manager at Dutch multi-national Stork, has been elected President of the Federation of European Risk Management Associations (FERMA). He has taken over from Marie-Gemma Dequae, whose mandate came to an end after four years, following the meeting of the general assembly of FERMA in Brussels this week.

Den Dekker worked as a broker and underwriter in the industrial insurance market before becoming group insurance risk manager at the quoted Dutch multinational Hagemeyer in 1999. He joined Stork in 2006. Stork is one of the oldest industrial companies in the Netherlands.

Den Dekker said: “I am delighted to become chairman of FERMA as it continues to grow in its ability to represent the interest of risk managers across Europe, as shown by our activities during the year and Prague as the venue for our 2009 Forum. I look forward to welcoming FERMA members and our friends from the risk and insurance management community there in October.”

The FERMA general assembly meeting in Brussels this week also elected to the board Michel Dennery, Deputy Chief Risk Officer of GDF Suez, from the French risk management association AMRAE. Stefan Sigulla of the German association DVS and Paul Taylor of the UK association AIRMIC continue as FERMA’s vice-presidents for 2009-2010.

FERMA is made up of the national risk management associations of 16 countries. It represents over 5,000 individual members and a wide range of business sectors from manufacturing to financial services, charities and health organisations as well as local government organisations.

Member associations are from the following countries: Belgium (BELRIM), Bulgaria (BRIMA), Czech Republic (ASPAR CZ), Denmark (DARIM), Finland (FinnRiMa), France (AMRAE), Germany (Bfv & DVS), Italy (ANRA), Netherlands (NARIM), Poland (POLRISK) Portugal (APOGERIS), Russia (RusRisk), Spain (AGERS), Sweden (SWERMA), Switzerland (SIRM) and United Kingdom (AIRMIC).

The FERMA Forum 2009 will take place from 4-7 October at the Congress Centre in Prague with the theme Global Village: the future of risk management. The programme and registration details are available on the FERMA website at