Launches new regulatory platform to meet FSA liquidity requirements

In light of the FSA’s new proposals for banking supervision, FRSGlobal launched a new liquidity risk product.

FRSGlobal said the product would allow financial institutions to meet the requirements proposed by the FSA’s liquidity overhaul.

Thomas Brouwer, product manager, FRSGlobal said: ‘The events of the past year have highlighted just how inadequate existing liquidity management, measurement and reporting regimes have been.’

‘The FSA has been the first to show its cards, but we do not expect them to be alone in imposing stringent liquidity requirements. The financial and political landscape has undeniably changed—regulators across the globe cannot be seen to be lax on liquidity and financial institutions must prepare themselves for a host of associated changes.’

FRSGlobal said its product provides customers with solutions for all aspects of the new liquidity regime including:

• Regulatory Reporting – there will be nine new regulatory reports/data items for liquidity risk

• Stress Testing – firms will need to be able to conduct regular stress tests in order to identify sources of potential liquidity strain

• Data Management – firms will need to be able to source additional data for reporting requirements

• Management Reporting – firms will be required to have a robust management framework in place