Identifying and managing risk is increasingly considered a critical management skill and a key element in corporate governance, but few people in leadership roles have specific training in these skill

The Institute of Risk Management (IRM) has, therefore, launched a new two day training programme aimed at senior managers - Management of Risk and Uncertainty.

The programme draws heavily on the positive role of risk-taking in organisations.

It provides a broad introduction to the subject of risk management and explores some of the main tools and techniques available for the successful assessment and treatment of risk. It also recognises the uncertain nature of future events and outlines the actions organisations can take to prepare for uncertainty. Case studies and group exercises give practical application to the teaching. Delegates who complete a short assessment at the end of their course receive an IRM certificate.

IRM Chief Executive Steve Fowler says, "We recognise that a huge demand exists for a broad introduction to risk and uncertainty issues, and this programme has been built to meet that need. It is specifically aimed at individuals in leadership roles, and also at specialists in individual risk disciplines who require a wider overview of risk."

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